Protecting your clients just got smarter!

Partner with Meta Trak to offer unparalleled vehicle security and protect your clients’ assets.

Our Thatcham-approved solutions not only protect your clients’ vehicles, but could also reduce policy claims as well.


Reduced Premiums & Claims

Protecting clients’ vehicles from theft can reduce their insurance premiums and reduce theft claims.

Experienced Team

Over 40 years of industry experience across the automotive security sector.

Dedicated Support

You will be looked after by our dedicated support team to ensure your clients needs are met.

Installation Turnaround

We customise a solution to meet client’s policy requirements and arrange installation with an approved installer. The contract will be activated automatically, ensuring immediate coverage for the client’s vehicle.


24/7 Stolen Support

Stolen vehicle monitoring via our NSI accredited Secure Operating Centre.

Client Mobile App

Constant connection with their vehicle via the easy-to-use Meta Trak PLUS app.

A Trusted Solution

Accreditation by Thatcham, the industry benchmark for product quality and performance.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Unlimited hardware warranty for the original owner for the duration of their ownership.

ONE solution
FOUR levels of security

1. Automatic Immobilisation

Prevents the vehicle being driven when the ID-Tags are NOT present.

2. DEADLOCK Immobilisation

Prevents the vehicle being driven even
when ID-Tags ARE present.

OBD Port Immobilisation

The vehicle software CANNOT be manipulated to enable the car to start or to programme new keys.

4. Secondary Tracking Device

Extremely compact, waterproof and self powered device that operates independently of the primary system.

Deadlock PRO


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State-of-the-art wireless-link architecture

Meta Trak is unique in developing multi-point, wirelessly connected tracking and immobilisation solutions. Eliminating hardwiring between components means we can deliver you the best levels of covert security possible, using the smallest, smartest devices.